Oatmeal pancakes

Oatmeal pancakes/breakfast

I admit that I've behave fallen off the wagon in more ways then one but I like to eat what everyone else eats. No excuses I know but in my defense, I do try to develop recipes that are just as delicious l with ingredients that are healthier for me and are fun too. So for breakfast this morning it's oatmeal pancakes with walnut and fresh blueberries on top. Of course sugar free syrup. I guess I could have used raw agave but… I don't really care for frozen fruit, I mean does anyone really know what they used to prepare them? I'm of the persuasion of growing my own. I'm actually working on that as we 'speak'. After all, growing my own tomatoes definitely encouraged me to eat this delicious fruit regularly and without the heartburn that I usually have after using the store bought variety which makes me believe that there is something undesirable added. Idk. What do you think?


WARNING!! Diet Danger!!

Cinnamon apple oatmeal coffee cake. For anytime of day!

I guarantee it won’t last long with vanilla glaze. This really turned out well as my ‘cooking on a whim’ recipes usually do. Lol. I am really pleased. Unfortunately it is leaded and definitely NOT diet friendly. It does have cinnamon and raisins and flax and steel cut oats so that’s good. But the white and brown sugar tanked it!  You know how it is when you just start adding ingredients without measuring spoon or cups anywhere in sight. Yea!  It’s like that!  So deliciously moist and sweet that it is good enough for dessert. So see you soon, grabbing a cup of hazelnut coffee. Ok, i won’t add my sweetner or cream. 😋

Oatmeal and hot coffee for a cold morning. 

First official day of vacation and I’ve lazed in bed until after 10. Wow. Very late for me. I need a hearty and healthy breakfast, heavy on the healthy. 🙂. My choice. Quaker old fashion oats, apples, pecans and brown sugar and Community Cafe Special decaf coffee. Hey!  This would make a great breakfast bread!   Now for vacation behavior. Lol.