WARNING!! Diet Danger!!

Cinnamon apple oatmeal coffee cake. For anytime of day!

I guarantee it won’t last long with vanilla glaze. This really turned out well as my ‘cooking on a whim’ recipes usually do. Lol. I am really pleased. Unfortunately it is leaded and definitely NOT diet friendly. It does have cinnamon and raisins and flax and steel cut oats so that’s good. But the white and brown sugar tanked it!  You know how it is when you just start adding ingredients without measuring spoon or cups anywhere in sight. Yea!  It’s like that!  So deliciously moist and sweet that it is good enough for dessert. So see you soon, grabbing a cup of hazelnut coffee. Ok, i won’t add my sweetner or cream. 😋


Lemon Chicken

I don’t know about you but I love the flavor of lemon. I mean I drink a warm lemon drink with real lemons very often and lemon tea at work and of course 🍋 in ice water. After all there are great qualities in them. 

I used to make lemon chicken with the packaged seasoning but fresh is better.  The pictures below show the amount of seasoning used for 4-5 chicken breast tenderloins. The seasonings are in the pic but there is Himalayan salt, pepper (medley), nutmeg, chili powder, basil, cayenne pepper, turmeric and Lipton onion soup mix.  I took the tenderloins straight from the freezer, put them in foil and drizzled them in olive oil, sprinkled and dusted the meat with each seasoning one after the other. So here comes the fresh. 1 🍋 cut in chunks, 6 garlic cloves-large to release more flavor, 5 pearl onions quartered. Completely close the foil over the chicken and bake at 450 degrees for about 30 minutes. I use my convection oven but in a conventional oven you could probably roast them at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.

The finished product. Deellliiiishhh!!😉