Chicken Cheese Steak, Brown Sugar Parmesan Fries

Chicken Cheese Steak, Brown Sugar Parmesan Fries

Can you see it?  I added andouille sausage. Lol.  


Bacon wrapped chicken tenderloins 

Not a lot to say because it’s late. But this was good!  Too lazy to make shrimp and grits so I did the easy thing. Salt and peppered the chicken tenderloins, wrapped in bacon, baked sweet potato. I’ve been craving cheese grits for 3-4 days now and just had too. Lol  add a side salad with homemade vinegarette with red pepper flakes on the salad. It was really good. The chicken was tender and not oily at all. So you can see it below. Can’t wait to have the left over chicken with one of my variety salads.🙂. 

Going Green and Red Snapper

Baked/broiled Red Snapper over brown rice, sautéed spinach, and steamed broccoli Doing a bit of a natural cleanse. You know the kind with real food and is easy on the palate?  🙂. Plenty of green veggies and even spinach which I’ve really not liked steamed. But oh well, trying to get it right. 

So only fish this week after a weekend of fast food. Ugh. 

Red Snapper baked with sweet onions, red peppers, brown mushrooms, lime and garlic. Then broiled to lightly crisp the edges. Brown rice with turmeric, butter (just a teeny bit) and green onions. Steamed broccoli in chicken broth and steamed spinach.

Cheese smothered chicken 

Dinner tonight!  So I was good all day today…lemon tumeric tea-old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast. Med orange for my morning snack. Small salad with veggies only and an apple and I drank water. And so I wanted something delicious for dinner let my creative side take over and my hungry appetite lead the way!

Grilled chicken breast and grilled shrimp with Old Bay seasoning and a 3 cheese blend. And since I like things spicey, diced fresh jalapeños and other diced veggies and can you believe it, put together with a George Foreman Grill and Samsung microwave. Some like it hot!  Add a green salad with cayenne pepper laces range dressing and buttery garlic toast. 

Yummy, Quick and healthy – crab salad 

Quick dinner before running , made from things on hand. Raw and pure ingredients as much as possible. Crab meat previously sautéed in lemon slices, garlic and butter – on  romaine topped with pink Himalayan salt and pepper from  McCormick Peppercorn Medley and my favorite, ranch dressing.