Chicken Cacciatore Cheese Please

The regular Cacciatore but with chicken breast and topped with mozzarella cheese!!  Add a simple side of steamed broccoli and tomatoes.  Dinner for one…done!


Time for fresh!  

I usually make sure I have fresh fruit and veggies in my kitchen. Canned veggies will never have the natural sweet flavor like fresh fruit and vegetables. Frozen as well, though better then canned, is still not as good either. And if you can get organic – that’s even better!

Venezuelian Shrimp 🍤 

Yes so these things are huge!  Sweet and succulent. I really like the midweek special foods even cooking for one. This Tuesday night dash is mashed cauliflower with garlic and rosemary and fresh minced jalapeño covered with shredded cheddar…then add steamed veggies and these two beauties steamed in a concoction of beef broth, sweet and sour sauce, Himalayan salt, pepper medley, and coconut oil and a few extra. Stir fry ready veggies – snow peas, broccoli and carrots. 

Stir fried veggies with Chicken over Tumeric Rice

Lunch!!  What can you say about stir frying foods. It super healthy and super easy. You typically mix together great robust flavors and lightly cooked (steamed) veggies. Add pre cooked chicken (in this case) or drop it in first with minced ginger and it hits the spot. 

The ingredients are ginger (of course) yellow onions, Soy sauce, sushi sauce, coconut oil, Sliced carrots, snow peas, broccoli served over rice with tumeric. 

Deep fried Lobster!

Have you ever had deep fried lobster. Wow!  Spices. Paprika, basil, cumin, Himalayan salt, pepper medley. I was out of garlic powder sooo. But it didn’t hinder anything at all!  Yes I know. I don’t usually do fried anything but My coworker showed me this recipe and I had to try it. It actually was served with a Belgium waffle but guess who broke her waffle iron. 🙁. Interesting midweek meal. Yes with the double dip on the lobster and yes that is shrimp. Steamed broccoli in beef broth and butter, 2 buttery biscuits and sugar free syrup. Yea what’s the use right?  And no I couldn’t finish it all. Lol bob appetit!!

Going Green and Red Snapper

Baked/broiled Red Snapper over brown rice, sautéed spinach, and steamed broccoli Doing a bit of a natural cleanse. You know the kind with real food and is easy on the palate?  🙂. Plenty of green veggies and even spinach which I’ve really not liked steamed. But oh well, trying to get it right. 

So only fish this week after a weekend of fast food. Ugh. 

Red Snapper baked with sweet onions, red peppers, brown mushrooms, lime and garlic. Then broiled to lightly crisp the edges. Brown rice with turmeric, butter (just a teeny bit) and green onions. Steamed broccoli in chicken broth and steamed spinach.