Steelhead trout

Baked Steelhead trout with a little cream cheese sauce, green beans and cheese onion sauce and natural juice fruit cocktail


Baked Cod and Surprises

Baked Cod with veggies, steamed green beans and apples and mushroom basil flatbread. 

Inspiration is great!  I really have to get my diet in order but I also really need good food, delicious food. Fish can sometimes be boring hmmm veggies can be boring but to try to stay away from the butter I tried something different. 

The Cod is baked with fresh red and bell pepper, fresh Bella mushrooms, green onions, fresh cilantro drizzled with cooking  Pompeian Sherry cooking wine.  So here is the ‘something different’. Fresh green beans with Fuji apples, marachino cherry syrup and chicken broth that is steamed. Add Himalayan pink salt and McCormick pepper medley.  No rice but this delicious garlic flatbread with sautéed mushrooms, fresh chopped basil and green onions. 

I had to drink a lot of water as not to gouge myself. After all portions are important too. 😊

Going Green and Red Snapper

Baked/broiled Red Snapper over brown rice, sautéed spinach, and steamed broccoli Doing a bit of a natural cleanse. You know the kind with real food and is easy on the palate?  🙂. Plenty of green veggies and even spinach which I’ve really not liked steamed. But oh well, trying to get it right. 

So only fish this week after a weekend of fast food. Ugh. 

Red Snapper baked with sweet onions, red peppers, brown mushrooms, lime and garlic. Then broiled to lightly crisp the edges. Brown rice with turmeric, butter (just a teeny bit) and green onions. Steamed broccoli in chicken broth and steamed spinach.