Labor Day Grilling for one

Delicious!  Had a craving for T-bone steak. It reminds me of my Dad and, yes obviously I’m missing him. Happy Labor Day! Veggies and siracha stuffed mushroom tops!!


Chili chili chili!!

A favorite comfort food and favorite to make. Beef chili with a punch. Add avocado, hatch peppers and my secret ingredient. Ummmm delicious!  But it doesn’t last long. Lol

Sweet & Spicy

    There is nothing better than a little sweet and a little spicey on a Saturday morning. All fresh herbs infused together in this scrumptious eggbake. And the lazy way…add a little ground cinnamon to Pillsbury biscuits and let it bake in.  Mmmmmmm delicious!

    Fish a different way 

    COD is one of my favorite sea meats. It’s hearty without a heavy fishy flavor. You can add hearty root vegetables and it is complimented nicely. Add a little heat and Voila!  Let the pasta be a true side dish and not be too heavy. Tossed with salted butter, boiled celery, baked turkey bacon and a little something extra and you’re ready. There is always room for more veggies. 😊