Chicken Alfredo 

Well because this was so indulgent I won’t have anything else to eat today unless it’s raw. Alfredo sauce the real way; made with the norms-heavy cream, whole milk, butter and oil. But fresh goodness with organic carrots, spinach and spinach noodles. I’ve added sliced garlic cloves (3) and bone broth with lemongrass while boiling the spinach noodles. Tossed them afterwards in olive oil. 

The chicken breast was broiled in my convection oven. I seasoned with pink Himalayan salt, my favorite so I don’t have to use as much, McCormick black pepper and peppercorn medley grinders, dried basil (I’m out of fresh basil. Lol) and drizzled with olive oil and covered with 6 garlic cloves, 1/8 of a yellow onion-sliced, and 1/4 chopped green bell pepper. 

Combine it all together with steamed sliced carrots, fresh spinach leaves and yes, fresh cherry tomatoes from my garden. Yummy yum yum!!

Swordfish Yummy!!

So this is Swordfish Veracruz with fresh tomatoes, olives, garlic, capers, bay leaves and a few other things. It has the perfect mix of flavors and perfect heat so it doesn’t clear out your sinuses.  For me the Swordfish is hearty but light and lean and is the best replacement for salmon that I’ve found so far. I don’t usually used bottled sauces but I wanted something quick and easy and definitely healthy so I tried Cokwell & Company’s Beracruz sauce. It’s delicious, light, low sugar, low carb, low sodium and low fat. Great right!  

I’m now at a place where I have to really watch my diet as I’ve gotten a not so favorable doctors report but I like GOOD food!  And it goes without saying that isbhas to be right. Pairing this with pasta that is low in sugar, fat, sodium and good potassium is a winner.  Add steamed green beans and all this took only about 15 minutes. My kind of Friday eve meal. ­čśŹ