My Tomatoes 

Simple satisfaction in my baked turkey sandwich: store bought, no msg, primo sliced turkey; smoked cheddar, havarti, romaine and TOMATOES FROM MY GARDEN. Can you tell that I’m proud of them? Organic is the way!!


Strawberry Cake

Well the baby girl, I’m not sure why, but was feeming for strawberry cake. So Momma made strawberry cakes. I didn’t taste them because I’m running away from sugar like the plague. There is absolutely nothing low cal about these but she wanted it, soooo. ❤️

Swordfish Yummy!!

So this is Swordfish Veracruz with fresh tomatoes, olives, garlic, capers, bay leaves and a few other things. It has the perfect mix of flavors and perfect heat so it doesn’t clear out your sinuses.  For me the Swordfish is hearty but light and lean and is the best replacement for salmon that I’ve found so far. I don’t usually used bottled sauces but I wanted something quick and easy and definitely healthy so I tried Cokwell & Company’s Beracruz sauce. It’s delicious, light, low sugar, low carb, low sodium and low fat. Great right!  

I’m now at a place where I have to really watch my diet as I’ve gotten a not so favorable doctors report but I like GOOD food!  And it goes without saying that isbhas to be right. Pairing this with pasta that is low in sugar, fat, sodium and good potassium is a winner.  Add steamed green beans and all this took only about 15 minutes. My kind of Friday eve meal. 😍

Bacon wrapped chicken tenderloins 

Not a lot to say because it’s late. But this was good!  Too lazy to make shrimp and grits so I did the easy thing. Salt and peppered the chicken tenderloins, wrapped in bacon, baked sweet potato. I’ve been craving cheese grits for 3-4 days now and just had too. Lol  add a side salad with homemade vinegarette with red pepper flakes on the salad. It was really good. The chicken was tender and not oily at all. So you can see it below. Can’t wait to have the left over chicken with one of my variety salads.🙂.