Banana pancakes and a Hearty Frittata 

Healthy with a twist. Banana pancakes (gluten free), frittata. Not to bad but there is a trick to turning them. Now I know what you really taste when you’re eating pancakes…the eggs! 😊  and you know I like veggies so pile them on in the frittata. Carrots, broccoli, pearl onions, mushrooms, red pepper, green beans, tomatoes…all fresh, started raw. Add cheddar cheese-yum and rotisserie chicken-chopped. And on the side, of course fresh berries. So filling, I couldn’t eat it all. lol bon appetite! 


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Oh I'm just a woman that loves good food and loves more if I can cook it. There is nothing better than family + or - good friends. No need even for wine or strong drink when the food is good enough. Though not formally trained in food I'm quite experienced and now enjoy the traditional and some things a little different. I've raised 4 intelligent and emotional people and they are raising the same. I'm a hopeless romantic, eloquent, intellectual, spiritual (a Christian) who lives and breathes the call of God. I'm not shy but I don't necessarily talk much but am an avid people watcher. 😀. I hope you enjoy looking as much as I will posting! And you know what?...God is good...

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