Babysitting tonight – Asparagus Rice Pilaf and Orange Chicken

A delicious and deceivingly simple recipe where brown rice, sweet onions, fresh Asparagus are the main ingredients. This compliments the orange chicken made with fresh Florida navel oranges and chicken breast.  So good that even a 9 year old devoured it!  πŸ˜¬

Cook the chicken with first cold pressed olive oil and butter, fresh garlic and ginger minced on 400 degrees until cooked on the outside using a covered casserole dish- add the juice from 2 oranges, add spring water about 1/2 cup and a about a level teaspoon of cornstarch. Remember to salt and pepper to taste. I like McCormick peppercorn medley and pink Himalayan salt.  Stir vigorously and pop it back in the oven covered for another 20 minutes more or less uncover and bake another 10 or 15, just until the sauce is bubbly and charred along the edges. Remove from the over, cover and let rest for about 10 minutes. Remember to turn the breast to allow it to soak up the orange sauce and oils all throughout.  This will also keep well in the sauce. 

The rice is brown, buttered and oiled, (I know but it’s so good!) and moist, folded into the cooking chopped asparagus, sausage -I used Chappell Hill pork and venison sausage – sweet onions, first cold pressed olive oil. Add chopped greeen pepper and yummy, yum, yum!!  

Bon appetite!  πŸ˜‹


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Oh I'm just a woman that loves good food and loves more if I can cook it. There is nothing better than family + or - good friends. No need even for wine or strong drink when the food is good enough. Though not formally trained in food I'm quite experienced and now enjoy the traditional and some things a little different. I've raised 4 intelligent and emotional people and they are raising the same. I'm a hopeless romantic, eloquent, intellectual, spiritual (a Christian) who lives and breathes the call of God. I'm not shy but I don't necessarily talk much but am an avid people watcher. πŸ˜€. I hope you enjoy looking as much as I will posting! And you know what?...God is good...

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