I finally tried it!

I saw a version of this on Allrecipes and it looked scrumptious!  Spaghetti squash cooked in a delicious and very easy way. You see that?  Heavy cream with garlic and bay leaf, chicken broth, onions and sweet pepper. Oil the pan, oven at 400 degrees and bake away!  About 40 minutes will do it. To make it interesting add cubes chicken breast or Italian sausage  when it’s almost done and there is a whole meal for you.


Lunch anyone

Grillled onions and turkey

So I’m working from home and I am starving but you know me, I get bored with the regular dining fare and since this is painfully close to the beginning of the month then noooo excessive spending. So what do I have. Turkey, 12 whole grain bread, provolone…yep!  A grilled turkey sandwich. Add grilled onions and that’s my punch. I used coconut sugar and Sprouts olive oil to grill the onions, black pepper turkey breast and yuummmm!  Add some apple chips with nutmeg to satisfy the side and ahhh satisfies but not over full.  Sitting down in no time.